Saltburn_Boats These are my Rules.

Everyone seems to have them, my whole life seems to be controlled by rules and regulations so I’ll keep mine to the minimum.



  • I will enjoy every moment of every day.
  • Although I have set myself a decent mileage every day, this will not be a route march trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible. I will stop to sketch, paint or photograph wherever the fancy takes me.
  • For this project, I will not be taking in any Islands, I’ll save them for another time.
  • Wherever I come across a river or coastal inlet, I will use the nearest crossing point whether it be a ferry, bridge or footpath.
  • I have planned the route for this walk as best I can, but not down to very last detail. There are so many variables that could alter plans. I will be safety conscious and deal with problems as they arise.

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