Day 096 : Ruthwell – Dumfries

At the end of my walk in Ruthwell yesterday I passed a building that said the TSB Museum. Being intrigued I went to investigate further.


It turns out that a minister, the Rev Henry Duncan started a self help savings scheme for the local community who were not so well off. This scheme was later copied by other towns and villages and later became the Trustee Savings Bank.

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Day 095 : Gretna – Ruthwell

Gretna seemed quite touristy with a big shopping outlet complex, probably piggy backing onto nearby popular Gretna Green. This with it’s famous Blacksmith shop was linked to weddings due to the fairly liberal marriage laws in Scotland. Being near the border it enabled couples to elope to Scotland to get married.


I leave Gretna, taking the road out westwards. I call back later to see the Blacksmith shop.

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Day 094 : Burgh-by-Sands – Gretna Green

This is another day I have been looking forward to, crossing the border into Scotland. The downside was that I could see that there would be quite a bit of road walking near busy roads and motorway.


I have been staying at a Bunkhouse at Boustead Hill called Hillside Farm run by a lovely lady called Sandra Judd. I enjoyed my stay there for several nights and Sandra has very helpful.

Today I start by the Greyhound Inn where I have had a couple of meals and a pint in the evenings. I enjoyed the food and beer which is very good.

Just next to the pub is a statue of Edward I who died here on his way up for another tussle with the Scots.

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Day 087 : Barrow-in-Furness – Millom

Today, I try something different, I ditch the rucksack, on with the trainers instead of boots and see if I can run a marathon distance.


Counting sheep, counting steps, I cover the distance, running on cycleways and along roads, but not without a few stops. Unfortunately, I chose a hot day to do it, I could have done with a bit of a breeze.

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