Day 088 : Millom – Ravenglass

I catch the train down to Millom, which was rather nostalgic with old diesel engine up front, and the carriages had the old clunk- click doors.


I take the road out of Millom to the Hodbarrow Nature Reserve.

There is a man made sea wall that creates a causeway between the sea and a big lake. The causeway was built to allow ships to load and unload stone from the quarries. Half way along the causeway is a lighthouse made from pig-iron.


On leaving the village of Haverigg, I found some alternative accommodation, which was also cheap, but you could not come and go as you please. You would have been staying at Her Majesty’s pleasure at HM Haverigg Prison.


I join the main road for a stretch before turning off towards Boothe Station. I was quite surprised to see the old style level crossing with gates instead of a barrier. The signalman would come down to open and shut the gates.


Ravenglass has a wonderful small gauge railway that travels up the Esk Valley. Plenty of men in oily overalls and lots of whistle blowing to excite the enthusiasts.


Another attraction in the area is Muncaster Castle which was built on Roman foundations. I believe some of the rooms are supposed to be haunted. I think the venue is used for corporate functions and weddings.