Day 187 : Hunmanby Sands – Flamborough

My wife walked down to the beach this morning to see me off on this bright cold sunny day. She walked a little way with me but will join me again later with my daughter. The wind had died down a bit compared to the last couple of days which suited me fine.


Walk Date :                3rd Feb 2016
Mileage :                     16.00 miles                   Total Mileage :          2, 935.79 miles
Accommodation :      Kittiwake Cottage, The Bay, Filey

I left the beach behind at Reighton to follow the path inland a bit. There was a path diversion which looked rather permanent. I end up at Speeton with it’s little church, St Leonard’s, before making my way back to the cliffs along the coastline. A couple of guys had made a motocross circuit in the scrubland above the cliffs and were riding around it.


It’s a spectacular walk along the white chalky Bempton Cliffs. Thousands of puffins, gannets and guillmots make there home in the nooks and crannies of the cliffs. There are some viewing platforms that have been built right on the cliff edge that allow you to get some great views.


There are also some story boards telling you about the gangs of men and women who were winched down the cliff face to collect eggs. Some were bought by collectors and some were sold to eat. This looked to me a very dangerous activity, you had to have complete trust in the other gang members who lowered you over the cliff.


As I approach Flamborough Head I can see two towers, one is the lighthouse and one further back which looked like a lighthouse with an octagonal tower without the lantern on top. Even further out on the cliffs is a Signal or Communication station


I continue on to South Landing With it’s lifeboat station at the end of the road. I walk up to the car park where I finish for the day and get picked up.