Day 096 : Ruthwell – Dumfries

At the end of my walk in Ruthwell yesterday I passed a building that said the TSB Museum. Being intrigued I went to investigate further.


It turns out that a minister, the Rev Henry Duncan started a self help savings scheme for the local community who were not so well off. This scheme was later copied by other towns and villages and later became the Trustee Savings Bank.

On leaving Ruthwell I come to a place called Brow Well which looks like an oblong sunken stone pool with steps going down to it and some dirty brown water sitting on the bottom. If this is a well then I’m not drinking from it. A plaque nearby says that Robert Burns visited the well on the advice of his doctor to help his rheumatic fever.


I stop at Caerlaverock Castle which is looked after by Historic Scotland for my mid morning break, the café was very good. The castle itself is triangular with a moat around it. It was besieged several times and fell to Edward I after being besieged.

They had a fabulous café there, and as usual I could not resist the cakes.


Glencaple is a village on the estuary of the River Nith and part of the Caerlaverock estate. Along the seafront I saw some word carved seats, a new café by the jetty and a big old boat. In its past it had quite a busy port and also had a shipbuilding heritage.


At Kingsholm Quay I passed a load of people going to a wedding, I think the pub was called The Swan. Most of the men were in kilts and I noticed a couple of women struggling along in very high heels. The trials and tribulations of being a fashion follower.

Kingsholm Quay is on the River Nith at the outskirts of Dumfries and is known as the Port of Dumfries.


The walk into Dumfries along the river is very pleasant and popular. The path is part of a cycle network with the river on one side and parkland on the other. You arrive at a Millennium suspension bridge at the southern end of Dock Park.

Dock Park has been rejuvenated in the past few years and has a bandstand, play areas and seating. This is where I finished today with an ice cream.