Day 095 : Gretna – Ruthwell

Gretna seemed quite touristy with a big shopping outlet complex, probably piggy backing onto nearby popular Gretna Green. This with it’s famous Blacksmith shop was linked to weddings due to the fairly liberal marriage laws in Scotland. Being near the border it enabled couples to elope to Scotland to get married.


I leave Gretna, taking the road out westwards. I call back later to see the Blacksmith shop.

I am intrigued when I pass a fairly modern building that says The Devils Porridge Museum, so I go and investigate. This is the story of the biggest munitions factory ever built between Gretna and Eastriggs during the First World War. This tells the story of mainly women who mixed the cocktail of cordite, nitro-glycerine for the munitions. They stirred the mixture together, that’s why it was called The Devils Porridge.


I continue on into the town of Annan which has some quite pretty buildings. Many of the buildings are built from local sandstone including the Town Hall, Bridge House and the Academy. There is a statue of Robert the Bruce outside the Town Hall depicted as the Scottish nation builder.


I cross over the Annan Bridge and follow the estuary to the mouth of the River Annan at Barnkirk Point. I notice the path is signposted as the Annandale Way which I think is a fairly new designated path. It also shares part of the the route with the NCN 7 cycleway. The weather is not great, so I do not linger too long.


Passing through Powfoot there are quite a few big white houses.The beach is mainly grass and strips of sand, stone, shells and pebbles. I also passed a golf club on the way out.


I’m glad to have reached Ruthwell where I finish for today as it’s been quite long.