Day 094 : Burgh-by-Sands – Gretna Green

This is another day I have been looking forward to, crossing the border into Scotland. The downside was that I could see that there would be quite a bit of road walking near busy roads and motorway.


I have been staying at a Bunkhouse at Boustead Hill called Hillside Farm run by a lovely lady called Sandra Judd. I enjoyed my stay there for several nights and Sandra has very helpful.

Today I start by the Greyhound Inn where I have had a couple of meals and a pint in the evenings. I enjoyed the food and beer which is very good.

Just next to the pub is a statue of Edward I who died here on his way up for another tussle with the Scots.

I continue out of the village and follow the Hadrian’s Wall Path to Beaumont.The church is built in a Milefortlet in Hadrian’s Wall. Milefortlets were basically watchtowers built along the wall.


The Hadrian s Wall Path was closed off due to landslip into the River Eden, so I had to follow the road to Kirkandrews and pick up the river again through Grinsdale. I then follow the busy A7 which by-passes Carlisle to meet up with the motorway.


This is my route eastwards and northwards. I cross the River Eden that winds its way into Carlisle. At the first roundabout, I leave the A7 and take a minor road towards Rockcliffe. This road is dead straight and seems quite busy, probably a more sedate route into Scotland than on the motorway.

Although Rockcliffe seems quite a peaceful village, it has  an interesting past of smuggling salt and whisky from Scotland.


It is now time to continue following the minor roads towards the border. The road takes me across the main north-west rail line and then alongside the motorway to Metal Bridge. This is now a pub by the side of the River Esk but apparently there used to be a Metal bridge that spanned the river which is no longer there.


Continuing on my journey Gretna I finally cross over into Bonnie Scotland and stop for a drink at the Old Toll Bar. No border controls to worry about.