Day 092 : Silloth – Angerton

From the delights of Silloth to the edge of the salt marshes at Angerton.


I loved the pretty seaside town of Silloth with its wide cobbled streets, green promenade, old style park with paddling pool. Silloth also has a toy soldier museum based on a private collection and is run by volunteers.

I leave Silloth and take the road north towards Skinburness. Standing on the grassy seafront is the East Cote lighthouse with the lantern standing on a metal frame like a small pylon.


I mainly follow the road across the marshes. There are plenty of cows on the marsh with a number of them wanting to meander onto the road as you are about to pass. An electric cattle prodder would have come in very useful.


At Abbeytown I come to St Mary’s Church, part of Holmcultram Abbey which my map says is a ruin. The roof was destroyed by fire in an arson attack in 2006 but has now been restored. It all looks very impressive


I continue onto Angerton which consists of a few houses and a pub which had closed down. I also walk into Kirkbride which has a store and Post Office. This is where I finish for today.