Day 015 : Braunton – Ilfracombe

A miserable start to the day as I have to put on all my wet weather gear. But things improve as the day goes on.

b_015_169_Braunton_MarshI start with a five mile walk around Braughton Burrows. The rain was straight in my face. So with the hood of my jacket up and zipped over my chin, I found that my breath was steaming up the rain on my glasses. I ended up carrying my glasses, I couldn’t see with them on or off. If someone could invent ‘Stay Clear’ glasses they would make a fortune.

Saunton Sands and Croyde Bay came and went. I’m sure they are delightful places when the sun is shining in the summer, but today they were wet and empty. It was not until I got to Baggy Point that the weather started to clear.

b_015_178_Baggy_Point_Pogo_StickI was amused to see this pole stuck up here. I couldn’t make up my mind whether it was a Giant’s pogo stick or a stilt for a one legged man.

b_015_182_Putsborough_Sands_VW_Surfers_VanI thought you might like this picture of a split screen VW van. Quite retro, isn’t it.

As I walked down towards Putsborough Sands and Woolacombe Sands I spoke to a couple who were taking in the view. After a lengthy chat, they asked if they could pray for me. I was delighted for them to do this and very humbled. Funny how God gives you a nudge now and again to let you know he is there. My apologies to the couple if they are reading this, but I never asked your names.

b_015_184_WoolacombeThe afternoon was now quite bright and I had a lovely long walk across the beach of Woolacombe Sands. My spirits were now quite high and I felt quite uplifted.

The rest of the days walk was with my head down ontill I got to Ilfracombe