Day 032 : Southgate – Rhossili

After an Easter break with the family it’s an early morning for me as I drive down from home to start today’s walk.

b_032_066_WormsHeadI am greeted to a bright sunny morning, with the promise of the weather staying good all day.

My first treat of the day is the sandy beach of Three Cliffs Bay and the ruins of Pennard Castle.b_032_038_Pennard_CastleI meet up with Dean who was walking with his son Ci and dog, Sam. It turns out that he is staying at the same campsite that I am going to that evening. He kindly offers to pick me up at Rhossili and take me back to my car.b_032_042_ThreeCiffsBayAnother long sweep of sandy beach I walk along, Oxwich Bay. I stop at the beach cafe at the end of the bay for a coffee and bacon roll. It was really tasty and I enjoyed it very much.b_032_046_OxwichBeachAfter a steep climb up and down a woodland path to Oxwich point, I come to my third sandy beach of the day at Port Eynon Bay. All this beach walking is very intoxicating, I need to stop for lunch.


I make for Worms Head where there is a lookout post. Apparently sometimes you can see seals sunbathing there, but they did not put in an appearance for me.

I get picked up by Dean in Rhossili, and taken to my car. Later on, back at the campsite, I meet his wife Tracey. I am extremely grateful to them as they shared there dinner and beer with me and also helped me put up the tent, and of course for the car lift. After a long day, it was appreciated.