Day 037 : Carmarthen – Llansteffan

A walk from the county town of Carmarthen down the other side of the River Towy to the village of Llansteffan and its castle.b_037_033_Carmarthen_RiverAs I walk away from Carmarthen along the River bank I was  impressed with this railway bridge.

I don’t know if the end of the bridge is ever lifted.b_037_037_Green_Castle_WoodI leave the road and walk through Green Castle woods. Some one who is a very artist wood carver has made these seats.b_037_039_Llangain_Telephone_ShowerAs I walk through Llangain  I pass an entrance to a campsite where I see this very unusual use of the old red telephone boxes. This could solve a problem for me and my wife, Christine who always complains that I ring when she is in the shower!!b_037_048_Llansteffan_VillageI like the village of Llansteffan with its beach, church and its castle. Dylan Thomas spent a lot of his childhood in this area and some family relatives still live in the area.