Day 046 : St. Brides – Solva

After a rest day yesterday to do some sight-seeing with the family, it is back to the serious task of walking.


I get dropped off at St. Brides by my wife and daughter and after our goodbyes it is time for them to set off home.

I feel a bit like the weather, a bit overcast and deflated. The weather stays drizzly all day.

I drop down into the quaint little cove of Little Haven with its little beach. Because of the weather I was tempted to one of the inviting pubs for sustenance, but I knew that if I did then I would probable not get going again,


Broad Haven is the bigger cousin to Little Haven. It has a good blue-flag beach which is great for children and surfers. The houses all look clean, bright and newish where the town has grown in all directions as tourism has taken over.


Between Drudston and Nolton Haven, I found an iphone lying on the path. I did not know whether to take it with me and hand it in somewhere or leave it. In the end I left it, just in case the person who owned it came back looking for it.

At Newgale there is a long beach with a pebble bank between the beach and the road. Someone mentioned to me that a bus had been blown off the road during some gales during the winter.


I finish my walk at the pretty inlet harbour village of Solva. It has a claim to fame when Dylan Thomas’s famous play Under Milkwood was filmed there last year.