Day 049 : Abereiddy – Aber Mawr

Today I walk from the Blue Lagoon to a Fish and Chip Bistro and also get a full soaking.


Last night I met Nick at the Youth Hostel I was staying at. He had come over from Holland for an interview as an instructor for the summer with a company who were offering outdoor coasteering activity at the Blue Lagoon. It turns out that he got offered the job, so, well done Nick.

As I approach Porthgain and get a view of a fairly big harbour for such a small place. I then notice a fairly large warehouse type building that seems to have been built into the cliff side alongside the harbour. It was where local quarried stone was held before being shipped off elsewhere.


Walking around the seaward side of Carn Llidi, the tops look like they have been pushed up into ridges, is quite rocky but not too hard going. The landscape is a bit fore-boding like no-mans land.


Whilst in Porthgain I stop at a place on the harbour side called “The Shed”, a wine bar and Fish & Chip Bistro. Looking at the menu it gives a description of every fish you can think of and is cooked depending on the catch of the day. I just settled for tea and cake, but one day I would like to call back for my supper. Talking to someone a few days later about the place they said it was excellent and the chef new how to cook their fish.


At Aber Mawr I could see a storm approaching from St. Davids direction. I thought I could make it to the end of the walk before the rain caught up with me. I didn’t make it and got absolutely drenched before I could get my wet weather gear on. Served me right.