Day 051 : Goodwick – Newport

Goodwick is one of three parts to Fishguard. Goodwick is where the ferry terminal is, Fishguard, the town with all the shops and Lower Town with the fishing and sailing harbour.


Whilst walking along the seafront at Goodwick I noticed a plaque denoting the first successful flight from Britain to Ireland and  also mosaic pictures in the paths depicting the history of Goodwick.

I follow the coast round from Goodwick to the Lower Town with the proper harbour. Then I follow the road out onto the cliffs with the old fort. There are good views back to the ferry terminal at Goodwick.


I reach Dinas Island which is really an headland, but before I climb up it I stop at the Old Sailor at Pwllgwaelod for an ice cream. There is a valley that stretches across to the other side of the headland, so maybe once upon a time it was an island. Once you get up onto the top of Dinas the views are spectacular all around.


I stop at the little cove of Cwm-y-Eglwys for my lunch. The place is named after the ruins of the church on the seafront. I sit on the ruins and just enjoy the setting as I munch through my grub.


Newport comes into view with its big spread of sands that form a spit. I first pass through the hamlet of Parrog when I thought I was finished but I still had another mile to go .