Day 057 : Tre’r Ddol – Machynlleth

Today’s walk is a completely different environment to what has gone before. It’s a trip through woods, forests, glens and waterfalls.


I love the smell of wet woodlands. The wild garlic and the sweet carpet of pine needles. The trees sway and rustle as  the bright gentle breeze blows up from the valley below.

As I climbed through the woodland and the trees thinned out I met Bob who was out with his binoculars watching the birds. We chatted and he told me about a woman he met at the same spot a couple of years ago who was walking Wales coastal path with a donkey and was going to write a book her experiences. Anyway, I googled the story and found this link Hannah’s Walk with a donkey around Wales, so I thought I would give Hannah a plug and say well done.


Later on, I meet a woman walking up a steep path who lived with her family in the woods. She told me to go carefully as there were a pair of Ospreys that had built a nest nearby and it was the first time they had been there. She was worried they might get spooked and not come back.


I have another delightful stretch along the river banks of the Llyfrant Valley. I stop and admire some waterfalls before continuing up and through a forest area where the trees are being felled. It’s all part of forest management.


I finally finish in Machynlleth with the clock tower in the centre of the town. It seems to be full of arts, crafts and antique shops.