Day 101 : Brighouse Bay – Mossyard

I make an early start on a nice day from the sandy beach of Brighouse Bay to the old port of Mossyard which was part of the Cardoness Estate. The McConchie family now farm there and hire out holiday lodges.


I follow the track at the end of the car park which eventually becomes a path and climb through some trees to a caravan site. I continue on a track past Southpark Dam to Borness. From here I make my own track across fields, hedges and ditches until I hit the coast at Ringdoo Point.

I continue along the cliff tops to Kirkandrews with its beautiful church and gateway. The church is now used mainly as a venue for weddings, christenings and other services. As you enter Kirkandrews there is an old graveyard with some interesting headstones.


The walk from here to Carrick Point is quite pleasant with good views along the coast. One piece of headland that juts out is Barlocco Isle which can be accessed at low tide. This is one of the many islands of Fleet.


It was a lovely day as I passed along Carrick Point and Shore. There were plenty of people taking a walk and swimming. It also seemed popular place for holiday chalets and beach houses.


As you pass the turning for Gatehouse of Fleet you see Cardoness Castle overlooking the main road. This is a Scottish tower-house castle built in the 15th century for the McCulloch family which is today maintained by Historic Scotland.


My walk was along the busy A75 and was delighted to come across the Teapot cafe at Skyreburn. A wooden chalet by the waterside. It was a welcome break and a delightful setting.