Day 105 : Craiglemine – Glenluce

On the way into Monreith I come across a memorial to Gavin Maxwell who wrote an autobiographical book called “A Ring of Bright Water”. It tells of him bringing an otter back from Iraq and taking it for walks along the beach. The story was later made into a successful film.


At Port William I take a breather and of course a coffee and cake. I then walk around the harbour to the seafront where I notice a stone has been laid.

Underneath the stone is a cask or time capsule has been planted with tales of our lives and times. A plaque says that it is not to be opened until 30th April 2100


There is also a statue of a fisherman looking out to sea, a bronze sculpture by Andrew Brown. His brief was to create something of local people in their own environment.


I leave Port William along the  main A747 road which follows the coastline. It’s mainly a combination of beach and road walking, at least the road was not too busy.


There are no refreshment stops along here until you get to the Cock Inn at Auchenmalg Bay


I pass through the pretty coastal village of Stairhaven with a small collection of houses and a picnic area. From here I take the road to Glenluce.