Day 117 : Campbeltown – Carskey

For the last three year during the summer there has been a ferry service from Ardrossan to Campbeltown. This service is being run on a trial basis and is due to be reviewed this year. This is a lovely crossing that skirts the southern end of the Isle of Arran. If you are lucky it might also be doing a cruise and then it will take a longer route around the north of the Isle of Arran and then down the East coast of the Kintyre peninsular.


Campbeltown is the main town on the Kintyre peninsular which has an airport as well as a ferry terminal. It does not seem to be spoilt by tourism  but there again needs to promote the good things about the town like the Distillery, Heritage Centre and Kintyre Way.

I take the coast road out of town past the new quay which is stacked with logs. Along the road out of town there is jetty owned by the MOD which is a refuelling point.


Davaar Island lies at the southern point of Campbeltown loch which is accessible at low tide along a causeway. There are a number of caves and one of them has crucifixion painting on the rock face.


The most southerly point of the Kintyre peninsular is Dunaverty Head at Southend. The bay has a beautiful sandy beach overlooked by a Caravan site. I walk past the golf club down to the Roaring Cove and walk along the beach


At Keil on a rocky outcrop there is are caves and steps up to St Columba’s Footprints. The story goes that St Columba was exiled from Ireland and this is where he and 12 of his followers landed.


I finish today’s walk just beyond this at Carskey.