Day 131 : Clachan Bridge – Oban

I notice on the road to Clachan Bridge a tin church made out of corrugated iron. The building had been derelict for some time until a couple bought it in 2005. They have renovated it making it into their home and a B&B. They have also created a holiday let at the rear. Interesting.


Following the road towards Oban I walk over a  hump back bridge at Kilninver where a car and coach are reluctant to give way to each other. This seems unusual around this part of the world as must drivers anticipate bottlenecks and give way to each other with a smile and a wave.

Kilninver is a country estate and a few stone houses. Most are holiday homes or lets including the Old Manse and Old Kirk.


On the outskirts of Oban I turn down past the hospital and onto a road that will take me past Pulpit Hill to Gallanack. The road is quite narrow and single track, I have to stop a couple of times to climb over a gate.


I stop at Port nan Cuilc or the “Port of Reeds” overlooking the Sound of Kerrera for my lunch. There is a pub, the Anchorage Inn, a few caravans and a diving centre. I now set off along the shore road towards Oban.


I watch a boat sailing down the Sound of Kerrera towards Oban where it docks. I arrive at the harbour in Oban where there were quite a few masted sailing boats including the Flying Dutchman. Whilst I was there one of these boats glided away from the jetty and set sail.


There was also a kayak race taking place. This is an annual event where they race around the Isle of Kerrera, about 20km. As the competitors came back towards the harbour they looked exhausted.