Day 165 : Camusnagaul – Rhiroy

Again my sister and brother-in-law, Maureen and Terry will be joining me to walk at various points along the route today. It’s a bright but cold start to the day, but I’ll soon get warmed up.


Walk Date :                14th Oct 2015
Mileage :                     17.30 miles                   Total Mileage :          2,595.09 miles
Accommodation :      Loch Gruinard Caravan Park, Lairde

Little Loch Broom lies at the foot of An Teallach and separated from Loch Broom by the Scoraig peninsular containing the mountains Beinn Ghobhlach and Beinn nam Ban.

I start today by Maggies Tea Room and Craft shop at Camusnagaul which was closed. A dog across the road was letting me know who was boss in this village. Also saw the Sail Mhor Croft independent hostel at the side of the road.


On the way to Dundonell I pass the War Memorial perched on a crag above the road looking out over Little Loch Broom. A very peaceful place to come and pay your respects despite being close to the road.

The hotel in Dundonell is also the base for the Mountain Rescue Team in the area which is manned by volunteers.


I am looking for a path that cuts across to the road which takes you to Badrallach on the Scoraig peninsular but the gate is padlocked close. I continue to the junction and take the road. On the way I did notice some warning signs about CCTV cameras and sheep rustling. The village is at the end of an eight mile trek or drive from the main road and sits on the north shore of Little Loch Broom where there is a nice sounding inexpensive bothy and a cool quiet campsite.


I take a path across the peninsular to Loch Broom where opposite I get a good view of Ullapool. I follow the coast to Newton Loggie which consists of several building ruins, some of which are the remains of a bronze age fort.


This is where I join another minor road and continue to Rhiroy, a hamlet of just a couple of houses. This is where I finish and my lift back awaits me.