Day 184 : Runswick Bay – Robin Hood’s Bay

Runswick Bay is a place I have been to several times with its sweeping sandy bay and the cottages clinging to the cliff side. I love to come here to sketch but today I make the steep descent past the cottages to the beach to start my walk.


Walk Date :                14th Nov 2015
Mileage :                     15.20 miles                   Total Mileage :          2, 891.19 miles
Accommodation :      West View, Reeth

What a great start, a bracing walk along the firm sands of Runswick Bay. I leave the beach at Hob Holes, a river valley and climb up and follow the cliff tops to Kettleness. There are lovely views looking back to Runswick.


My map depicts a Roman Signal station nearby at Goldsborough. This was part of a series of towers along the coast were a fire beacon was lit to warn the next tower in the chain of invaders.


I descend to Sandsend through Deep Grove where Alum was quarried. Its main use was in dyes for the clothing industry. Sandsend is small village clustered around where two becks meet at the sea. I have my second beach walk of the day towards Whitby. I notice that the sea wall is being repaired along this stretch.


I stop at the Whalebone arch commemorating the whaling industry on the West Cliff overlooking Whitby. In Whitby I stop for a bite to eat before making my way through the shops and up to the Abbey. The abbey looks very imposing as its perched looking over the town and coast.


Leaving the Abbey, I pass a caravan park and walk to a lighthouse at Whitestone Point. The path from here to Robin Hood’s Bay is quite muddy and slippy. As I approach the finish for today it starts to get misty and the light was fading.