Day 107 : Drummore – Port Logan

Today I reach the Southern most tip of Scotland, the Mull of Galloway. It is hard to image that this point is roughly the same latitude as Hartlepool on the North East coast of England.


The day starts as as one of those stop and go days, stopping to chat to people on the way. I leave Drummore by the harbour where I meet the first person.

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Day 106 : Glenluce – Drummore

My day started badly with my car running on empty all the way to Glenluce. I had to drive all the way to Castle Kennedy to get a fill up and then back to Glenluce to start todays walk.


I imagine that for locals the town of Glenluce is a much more leisurely place now that the A75 bypasses the town. No more big lorries thundering down the main street as they come from the port at Cairnryan.

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