Only Four Days to go – Dont panic yet

My goodness !! it’s nearly time for the off, all that route planning, checking places to stay, sorting out transport, updating the website, buying new equipment, dusting off some old stuff. it all seems never ending.


Am I ready? probably as ready as I’ll ever be. Have I remembered everything, probably not. Do I know where I am going? Arrgh!!! I keep telling myself as long as I keep the sea on my left, I should be alright.


Seriously, I am quite looking forward to this challenge and now just want to get going. Do I have any reservations? Yes and No. I feel quite OK about the physical side of the walk although I’m sure there will be difficult days, not so sure how I will cope with the psychological side of things. There will be people who will join me for stints at various stages. Yes, I do feel slightly guilty leaving family and friends for long periods, but I have built some leeway into my schedule for rest days and time to nip home for a few days to catch up with family and friends.

Thanks to all who have sent emails and texts, or phoned and spoken to me. I have been overwhelmed by your encouragement and support. I would especially like to thank those who have already made donations to two good worthy charities where the money will be put to good use, even though I haven’t walked a step yet.

I’ll leave you for now, there’s packing to do, household chores and the rest!!