Day 004 : Porthtowan – Perranporth

Todays walk ending up being a circular walk due to lack of public transport to get me back to my car. So I parked at St. Agnes and walked to Porthtowan to start my walk.


After taking in the views of the lovely Porthtowan, I headed out onto the cliff tops. Again the going was a lot easier with dips down into coves and bays to see old mine workings like Wheal Charlotte.

004_155_WhealCharlotteThere was a very welcome Beach Cafe at Chapel Porth where I stopped for coffee. After a chat with the ladies behind the counter they gave me a donation towards the charities I’m supporting and a piece of flapjack. So a big thank you to the ladies and the flapjack was great.

004_159_ChapelPorthBeachCafeAfter walking round St. Agnes Head and heading up out of Trevaunance Cove, I met a man burdened down like a mule, his head poking out between a big bag on his back and over his head and another around the front. He said he was training for a long walk in the Alps!! It made me feel quite lightweight.

004_173_RestoredChimneyBack on the tops, I did come across a sign saying “Unstable Cliff Please Keep Clear”. After all the stumbling and sliding I had done I thought maybe I should have a sign around my neck saying “Unstable Walker – Prone to sudden uncoordinated movements”.

004_177_UnstableCliffIt was nice to see Perranporth come into sight with its vast sandy beach