Day 005 : Perranporth – Newquay

Sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. A good start to the days walk is a long leg stretcher along Perran Sands. We say goodbye to the lovely little cornish coastal resort and Saint Peran, the patron saint of Cornwall.

005_026_GullRocksHolywellBeachIHad some frisky ponies come bounding up to me. I wondered whether I should jump on one, I could do with a lift. I would be like the Lone Ranger taming the wild west. But I haven’t found a baddy in Cornwall yet.

005_017_ShetlandPoniesWe eventually leave the beach and climb onto the headlands of Ligger Point and Penhale Point. We pass what looks like a boot camp. Very plain, basic huts or chalets. Looks all very austere, no flags flying saying Butlins or Pontins.

005_019_PenhaleCampHad a nice chat with Graham from Stowmarket. Found out that he had done various things for charity and had his own business,  IronOakForge. I thought I would give him a plug seeing he gave me the time of day.

005_031_KelseyHeadI then made my way across Crantock Beach. I cursed myself for taking the long way round to get to the Pentire Headland. I should of just walked across the beach.

005_042_MemorableSeatToASurferAnother walk Around Fistral Beach and up to Towan Head. Every beach from St Ives to Newquay seems to have surfers out no matter what the weather is like. s it my imagination or do surfers spend 95% of their time sitting in water waiting for the perfect wave?

005_052_NewquayHeaded into Newquay for my lunch but gave it up when I had an audience of gulls waiting to pounce on every morsel.