Day 007 : Constantine Bay – Polzeath

Quiet sandy bays where the surfers like to play. Although it was a cold start to the day, the view and the walk across the sand cheered me up.

007_0028Booby’s Bay joins up with Constantine Bay where at low tide you can see the remains of a shipwreck. When you first see it you  think they are groynes but on second glance it looks like a giant ribcage opened up.

I round Trevose Head with good views all around. The strong wind made it difficult at times to make any headway. I head down into yet another sandy bay, Harlyn. All these bays would be full  in the summer, but today, hardly anyone to be seen.

007_0032After Trevone, I make my way to the headland of Stepper Point, one of the two headlands either side of the estuary to the River Camel. I follow the estuary inland towards Padstow, initially on the cliff tops and then eventually drop down onto the beach.

Padstow is a quaint fishing harbour, but has become very touristy and busy in summer. Rick Stein, the cook, has his famous fish restaurant here.

007_0047I catch the ferry to Rock on the other side of the estuary. Rock in contrast to Padstow is rather laid back. A few eating places, pubs, and holiday cottages.

007_0061I follow the beaches and sand dunes back up the estuary to Polzeath. Yes, another sandy beach loved by surfers.