Day 008 : Polzeath – Port Isaac

A shorter walk today. One because it was raining and second I had to make this walk circular to get back to my car as it was Sunday and there was no buses.

008_0064From Polzeath I follow the coastal path past all the guest houses and B & B’s to New Polzeath with its sandy beach. As it was raining and windy I didn’t linger long. I was straight up onto the headland towards Pentire Point. I could look across the estuary and see where I walked yesterday.

Turning towards Rumps Point, I struggled against a hail storm. It only lasted about 10 minutes but it did really sting my face. I wouldn’t stay out in that all day.

008_0067It was a thoroughly miserable walk, slipping and sliding, head down. I eventually dropped down to Port Quin, a couple of cottages, a couple of boats, and a small area called a car park. I took a couple of pictures and continued.

008_0068Following the coastline to Port Isaac, because the going was so boggy, I made my first complete pirouette and landed on the deck. I’m surprised I had managed to make it so far staying upright. After checking that camera and phone were OK and cursing the weather gods, I continued.

008_0072Finally I arrived in Port Isaac and walked pass Doc Martin’s house, took a few pictures and made my way back to the car. All that weather put a damper on the days walk. Glad to get the wet weather clobber off and have a shower.