Day 013 : Clovelly – Appledore

From the harbour of a steep village that clings to the cliff to the harbour that overlooks the estuary of the River Torridge.

b_013_104_Clovelly_Upnadown_StreetAs I entered the the steep cobbled streets of Clovelly, I could not help but notice sledges everywhere made of wooden runners and old bread baskets.

These were for people to pull their goods and belongings up and down the street. I wondered if the young kids ever knicked them and used them for a white knuckle rides down the street.

b_013_106_Clovelly_SledgesI followed the Hobby Drive out of Clovelly. a three mile winding walk through woodland. You caught glimpses of the sea through the trees as the track wound round the coast.

As I was coming out of Bucks Mills, I met a man called Steve who was having a short break and walking from Minehead to Bude. He said his knee was playing up and was walking to Clovelly today. Well Steve, if you are reading this, take care and listen to your body. I hope you finish your walk.

b_013_110_Clovelly_Hobby_DriveAnother man I met was Graham from Bucks Mill who was out walking his dog. He said he was the last of the ‘Braund’ family. I looked this up on the internet and the myth is that it’s a village of one surname. No outsiders were permitted to stay in the village, a very closed community.

b_013_112_Bucks_Mills_HousesThe hills in Devon seem different from Cornwall. They tend to roll into each other more.  By the time I got to Abbotsham Cliffs, I was fair feathered from all the ups and downs. I turned the headland and walked the path of the old railway line into Wesward Ho! Apparently, the only place in Britain with an Exclamation mark.

b_013_123_Westward_Ho_ChaletsWestward Ho! must be a Heaven for holiday chalets and caravans, they were everywhere. I walked round Northam Burrows and finally called it a day when I walked into Appledore.