Day 012 : Morwenstow – Clovelly

Today, I sadly leave Cornwall behind, but I’ll be back again and enter into Devon. I am already looking forward to the clotted cream teas.

012_092Again the legs take a pounding as I make my way up and down coves and inlets. I think it’s this or the sea air is making me feel quite giddy.

I pass through places like Welcombe and eventually come to Hartland Quay with its’ Hotel and car park sandwiched between cliff and quayside,

012_085Just inland from Hartland Quay is a place called Stoke or Stoke Barton. As I come from close by to the Potteries, I was looking for big clay ovens and Potters but I didn’t see any. I continued on my walk towards Hartland Point. I could see the Isle of Lundy, about 12 miles off the coast. At Hartland Point, I was expecting the lighthouse to be at the top of the cliff, not at the bottom. Hartland Point marks the extent of the Bristol Channel.

012_095The rest of my walk towards Clovelly was uneventful. I was getting tired and was not impressed with having to double back on myself near Brownsham. As I walked I wondered at what point can you see the Welsh coastline with the naked eye.

012_099It was getting late when I entered Clovelly, so pictures on the next walk.