Day 011 : Widemouth Bay – Morwenstow

Todays walk takes in the coastline either side of Bude.

011_059The walk is a lot easier going as I walk away from Widemouth Bay between the sea and the road.

The only people out today is a shivering party of schoolchildren on the beach whilst the driver sits reading paper inside his coach.

011_064My bearing is a tower up ahead  on Compass Point, it used to be a coastguard lookout. After rounding the headland, I get a good look at Bude. I enter Bude Haven with its’ canal as well as river and call in at the Tourist Information Centre.

011_079I walk through the town and out onto Crooklets Beach. There are some beach huts being spruced up for the Summer. For some time my eyeline has been taken up by an area ahead full of big satellite dishes. Apparently, it’s a ground satellite station called GCHQ Bude although it’s nearer Morwenstow. It seems very eerie, very silent, no activity, no cars, perhaps its operated remotely from some far off place.

011_074Plenty of up and downs in and out of valleys to get the knees and lrgs going. Finally reach the Hawkers Hut, which was built by an eccentric clergyman, aren’t they all!! I don’t think he got to many confessionals in here.

011_072This was the end of the walk for me today as I made my way into Morwenstow.