Day 022 : Weston-Super-Mare – Clevedon

We leave the seaside town for the gentile coastal town which is a dormitory suburb of Bristol.b_022_0112_Weston_Super_Mare_MarinaLakeI pass the Marina Lake and the old lifeboat station at Birnbeck Island, which I wonder if it will ever be restored.

The road to Sandy Bay was blocked off to traffic by the community police, but I was allowed to walk through. I had the road to myself, but I never found out why the road was blocked off, there was no one stopping traffic from coming the other way when I got to Sandy Bay.b_022_0119_Wick_StLawrence_ChurchWhilst walking through Sandy Bay I said hello to a group of people. One of them replied ‘Only a few more thousand miles to go’. I said I know and explained what I was doing..He was flabbergasted, it was not the reply he was expecting.b_022_0120_Wick_StLawrence_ChurchI had to come quite a long way inland, right back to the M5 again. This time to get around some salt marshes and the River Yeo. I had to make another diversion from my planned route when a certain priory had a ‘Strictly No Access’ sign up with padlocked gates and barbed wire fence around it.

Eventually I make my way into Clevedon by Salthouse Point. That was me finished for the day.