Day 023 : Clevedon – Severn Beach

From a gentile coastal town to the thunder of a motorway and the hustle of a busy port.b_023_106_Clevedon_Old_PierToday was a day of big contrasts of scenery.

It starts for me as I pass the pier of the quiet sleepy town of Clevedon and walk along the wooded cliff side towards Portishead. As I pass Redcliffe Bay there is a large fenced off area with big concrete bunkers. There is a perimeter road around the inside of the fence, probable used as some storage facility.b_023_111_Portishead_Black_NoreBetween Redcliffe Bay and Portishead there is a lighthouse at Black Nore which is decommissioned and no longer in use. It stands on legs like a little spaceship waiting to be launched.b_023_119_Portbury_WharfPortishead itself is a a smaller version of Clevedon with plenty of green spaces As you round the corner from Portishead Point you enter the Portishead Quays Marina. Looks like lots of redevelopment has gone on in this area with new quayside apartment blocks and a big marina. I had to step through building work by the old pier as it was being renovated.I now had to walk inland through Portbury Wharf, a nature reserve towards the motorway. I take a path into some woodland, turned a corner and there was a massive car lot of new cars as far the eye could see. I saw Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Vauxhall and probably other modelsb_023_125_Avonmouth_M5_MotorwayI cross the River Avon by walking alongside the four-lane M5 motorway. I had been on this stretch of motorway several times without realising that their was a cycleway/walkway next to it. This was not a pleasant, seeing cars and lorries hurtling past you at 70+ miles per hour.b_023_132_Avonmouth_DocksI pass through the Avonmouth dockland area with new industry mixed with the old mills. It was more road walking with lorries for company.

It had been a long day again and I was glad to reach the end of the line at Severn Beach.