Day 024 : Severn Beach – Caldicot

Two bridges, one estuary and two countries cloak themselves in mist today. I cannot even see the other side of the estuary.b_024_001_Severn_Beach_M4_BridgeI walk along the sea wall towards the second Severn Bridge that carries the M4 across the Bristol Channel.

Actually from the direction I am walking it’s the first bridge, but I can only see half of it. I follow the path called the Severn Way through Northwick Warth and Old Passage to the first Severn Bridge. This one carries the M48 and is the one I can walk across.b_024_012_Severn_Bridge_M48

Despite this being a motorway, it was quite pleasant to walk across. Probably the sea air or I was looking forward to entering Wales.The bridge is actually two bridges with some land mass in between. I think the land belongs to the MOD as their was a firing range alongside the motorway. It was as I was passing that they decided to let off a salvo of bullets. I think I made good time in crossing the rest of the bridge.b_024_017_Innage_Church_St_TewdricWales has its own national coastal path which was well signposted and the paths well defined as I passed a number of modern business units. I stop and eat my lunch in a churchyard at Mathern. I am not alone and share my lunch with St Tewdric, the King of Gwent who was mortally wounded fighting off the Saxons which he won. b_024_021_Sudbrook_Pumping_StationI eventually arrived back at the coast and was interested to see a sign for the Sudbrook Tunnels. Sudbrook has a pumping Station and housed a community of workers that built the railway tunnel under the River Severn.

I pass under the second Severn Bridge and think to myself that I started todays walk hours ago just on the other side of that bridge. I cross over the motorway noticing the toll booths and the ‘Welcome to Wales’ sign and finish the walk in Caldicot.