Day 025 : Caldicot – Newport

From the muddy banks of the Severn Estuary to a city with a long industrial heritage.b_025_042_Newport_River_UskI make my way down towards the sea wall for a day of relatively easy walking along the flat grassy sea wall.

Again it was frustrating to see a misty haze blocking any view across the estuary which limited any photo opportunities.

As I got nearer towards Newport, I heard a metallic thud ring out across the countryside from some industrial units I could see in the distance. I imagine that in its heyday when heavy industry was thriving there must have been a cacophony of sounds, booms, bangs, clonks, hisses, ringing out where men and women worked.b_025_038_Newport_Wetlands_LighthouseMy view ahead is dominated by a big power station at the mouth of the River Usk. The whole area around this is designated as the Newport Wetlands Nature Reserve. The walking is quite pleasant despite the power station and I take a photo of the small East Usk lighthouse.b_025_047_Newport_Transporter_BridgeI make my way inland up the River Usk towards Newport where it still bears the scars of industries past. There are still cement, gas and brick units to pass. I finally reach the Transporter Bridge, one of only three in Britain. I was disappointed it was closed, as I would like to have travelled across it.b_025_049_Newport_Millenium_BridgeI walk into the town centre of Newport, chatting to a young man on his way home from work. He says he walks 5 miles a day to and from work. That’s probably a full days work plus 2 hours of walking.