Day 026 : Newport – Cardiff

From one city with a deep heritage to another, the capital city of Wales.b_025_046_Newport_Transporter_BridgeI walk out of the city centre of Newport where there seems to have been, and still is, a lot of regeneration going on.

I reach the other side of the Transporter Bridge and when you stand under it, it’s quite an awesome site. I looked up the bridge on the internet and found out that it was only open in the summer from the 1st April, so I missed that.b_026_053_Newport_Transporter_BridgeSomeone I was talking to said that you used to be able to walk across the beam at the top. He remembered his dad taking him across in the 80’s.b_026_055_Newport_IndustryI make my way down to the mouth of the estuary on the other side from the Power Station I passed yesterday. I look back to see several cranes saluting my farewell.b_026_062_West_Usk_LighthouseI like the look of this lighthouse on West Usk that is now a Bed & Breafast establishment. It looks like the lamphouse has been made into a conservatory and it’s a nice touch with the old police box on the balcony.

On the outskirts of Cardiff I pass through Pengam, a popular place for fly tippers. Rubbish everywhere, I wish people would take a bit of pride in their environment. I bet the politicians from the Welsh Assembly don’t come down here too often.b_026_072_Cardiff_Signs_RoundaboutDo you ever feel that our roads are cluttered with too many signs. When you are in an area you don’t know and worried about which way to go or worse getting a penalty ticket for going where you shouldn’t. The Magic roundabout, near Atlantic Wharf, is a great way to use up those road signs.