Day 055 : Aberaeron – Aberystwyth

I walk from the village of Aberaeron with its small harbour to the university town of Aberystwyth.


I soon pass through the village of Aberarth. In victorian times it was a popular place for retired sea captains. I cross the bridge by the church and back out along the coast

Walking towards Llanon, I stop to watch a Red Kite flying around. I meet a guy called Howarth who has been out walking since 5:00 this morning. He had already managed 15 miles, whereas I had done about 5 miles.


As I approach the south side of Aberystwyth, I make a steep descent from the coastal path. This causes some soreness to my toes and I end up with some blood blisters under my toes. I have been wearing in some new boots for the last week.


Back at the same hostel in Borth as yesterday I had made friends with a Scotsman called Alan from Oban and his girlfriend Eti, I hope I spelt her name right, from Holland.


Alan and I ended up a super pub in Borth called The Friendship pub. It seemed a throwback to the 60’s, the era of hippies and flower power. People just kept turning up with musical instruments. There seemed to be pockets of music coming from different corners of the pub, and someone even managed to read some poetry.