Day 082 : Lancaster – Morecambe

I leave Lancaster by crossing over the Millennium Bridge and making my way down the north side of the River Lune.


My planned route was by road towards Sunderland Point, but just beyond the village of Overton, the road was still under water which had not cleared since high tide. That was something I had not taken into account, so I ended up taking the long way round.

The community at Sunderland Point is the only place on mainland Britain dependent upon tidal access. I take a look nearby at Sambo’s Grave. This is a sad tale about a cabin boy who was a slave to a ship’s captain. Te captain had gone away on business and Sambo thinking that his master had deserted him refused any sustenance and died. When a group of sailors heard about this they dug a grave for him by the shore and gave him a burial.


The view dominated by two block of the Heysham Nuclear Power Station like two giant slabs have been left on the seashore. It was built in the 70’s and started outputting power in the 80’s.


Heysham itself seems quite pleasant town with a port and ferries to the Isle of Man.

I stop for lunch at St Patrick’s Chapel, a ruin that stands on a headland above Heysham. There are some stones where you can see 6 tombs cut out of the stone.


I walk along the promenade which has been refurbished into Morecambe. The improvements include public art, sea defences and the stone jetty. The town itself looks a bit faded and tired but this Stretch of coastline has good sandy beaches.


One of Morecambe’s most famous sons is Eric Morecambe and I pay my respects and take a few photos of his statue where he is doing one of his famous dance steps.