Day 083 : Morecambe – Milnthorpe

I actually start today a Hest Bank, just north of Morecambe, where I finished yesterday.


Following the coastal path I pass caravan parks and camping sites that look over the vast sands and marshes of Morecambe Bay. The bay is notorious for its quicksands and moving tides. There are local royal appointed guides that can walk you across the bay, but that is only at certain times of the year.

The bay has been a good fishing ground for cockle pickers, who were often immigrants controlled by gangmasters.  Just over 10 years ago many were killed when they were drowned by the incoming tide. Local say that the tide can come in quicker than a galloping horse.


I have to walk up the River Keer almost to Carnforth just to get across the estuary. I cross alongside the railway line hoping that a steam train will go by.


Carnforth Railway station has been nicely restored and now includes a heritage centre. The station was used as a location for ‘A Brief Encounter’, and the station clock which featured in the film is on show. There are also other exhibitions going on at the Heritage Centre.


I headed out onto a peninsular that went round to Silverdale. I was intrigued by some of the names on the map like Brown’s Houses, Jenny Brown’s Point and Jack Scout. At Brown’s Houses  there was a smelting chimney and a rundown quayside. This is from the days when they extracted copper to make bronze.


Another peninsular that I negotiate has the local landmark of Arnside Knott. It is a mixed woodland with good view across Morecambe Bay and of the Lake District.