Day 123 : Tigheata – Achahoish

Kilberry was an interesting place. First of all there was the inn where someone had recommended the food to me, but I noticed from the notice on the door that it was only open Thursday to Sunday.


Secondly, outside the inn was one of those old red telephone boxes. This one was a bar that read “a wee dram”. There were some wine and champagne bottles, empty I think, on the shelf inside. I tried the door thinking that you served yourself when the inn was closed but I’m afraid it would not open.

Just up the road was a sign for the Kiberry Sculptured stones. These are grave stones with medieval carvings depicted the life of the departed soul. There are some early Christian slabs as well with crosses on them.


It was a beautiful day and was quite thirsty when I saw the sign for Port Ban holiday park which had a café. I made my way down the track to the site sat drinking coffee and eating cake. The site had fantastic view of the Isle of Jura and the Paps, that’s the mountain range. I would like to go back and spend more time there on another day.


I continue on  along the coast enjoying the views until I come to the village of Achahoish. I pass a field where the children of the local Primary School keep the beach clean. I’m impressed that they are being taught to look after the environment, but I also hope that we as tourists show the same care.


At the church in Achahoish, I finish today’s walk.