Day 124 : Achahoish – Achnamara

Whilst travelling through Argyll I have seen a lot of trees, the county is very heavily forested. It boasts of beautiful woodlands and there are certainly many trails for walkers and cyclists.


It can be a bit scary when you have to walk along a road or forest track and a big logging lorry with it’s trailer on the back comes thundering past. The drivers are very skilled at manoeuvring there beasts around the area.

I walk from the church at Achahoish along the road which runs  along Loch Caolisport to where it ends at Ellary and the Ellary estate begins. I follow the track through the estate that crosses stoney crags towards Balimore. I meet John at his cottage at the end of the road who seems to enjoy the remoteness.


The coastline turns back to a northerly direction along Loch Sween. At Kilmory there is another chapel dedicated St Mary that holds early christian cross slabs and early medieval sculpture. It is believed that some were crafted locally whilst others may have been done as away as Iona. Many of the stonemasons may have come from Ireland


A bit further up the coast I come to Castle Sween sitting on a rocky outcrop overlooking the loch. It is believed to have been built by a local Lord called Suibhne and is claimed to be the oldest standing castle in Scotland. It seems odd that this castle of note is wrapped around by a holiday park.


After this I continue along the road to Achnamara where I finished for today.