Day 127 : Carsaig – Kilmartin

I leave Carsaig by the forest track roughly following the western coast known as the Ardnoe Trail. The trail is a cycle route with fine views of the Isle of Jura.


Although this was a cyclist route, I didn’t meet any cyclists on it. I pass an area where trees had been cut down and the logs stacked alongside the path ready  for the lorries to come and take them to the mills for cutting.

I come to the headland of Ardnoe Point with views to wards Crinan and further up the coast. Nearby, further down the cliff, is a grave of a seaman who was a captain that died of cholera on board his ship. He was brought ashore and buried here.


Behind me further up the hill on a rocky knoll is Castle Dounie, an iron age fort. Not much left to see now except for a tumbled down wall.


Crinan has a picturesque harbour and is also the start of an 8 mile canal that goes to Loch Gilp at Ardshaig. It was built to provide a short cut for boats sailing from the industrial parts of Glasgow to West Highland villages. I was wondering if this makes the whole Kintyre peninsular an island.


Kilmartin Glen is full of archaeological sites and monuments and I pass many of them.


Ri Cruin Cairn is a bronze age burial cairn with three chambers. It is famous for the axe heads that have been cut into the stone slabs.

Temple Wood is a funeral site comprising of two stone circles.


Kilmartin sits at the top of the glen with a church that has sculptured stones and a museum. It is now time for me to retire for the day and stick my feet up.