Day 128 : Kilmartin – Craobh Haven

The village of Kilmartin sits at the heart of the glen at the top of a hill. The area is surrounded by many historical monuments including rocks, cairns and sculptured standing stones. of which I have only passed a few of these whilst walking.


At the centre of the village is the parish church which has one of the best collections of standing stones in the country. The village also has a museum in the old manse with a separate building for the visitor centre and café.

As I leave Kilmartin I notice that the hills in the glen look different from those in Kintyre. They seem more craggy with uneven peaks and ridges.


Carnassarie Castle is a tower castle built for Bishop John Carswell. He became famous for translating John Knox’s liturgy of Common Order into Scottish Gaelic. The path and cycle route passes below the castle before joining the main road.


Ardfern is another one of those coastal villages with a boating marina on Loch Craignish with a yachting centre.. It attracts many boating people as it’s an ideal place to moor before starting a trip around the Inner Hebridean islands. The village has a school, the Crafty Kitchen café, shop and the Gallery of Lorne Inn.


The whole Craignish peninsular seems to be divided into two estates, Craignish and Lunga. The Lunga estate is a family run business will fantastic views of the Firth of Lorne, the Sound of Jura, and many of the islands along the coast. There are also scattered around the estate some holiday cottages.


Craobh Haven is a fairly new purpose built in 1983 holiday resort village and marina. The village has a pub called the “Lord of the Isles”, a village store and marina office.