Day 129 : Craobh Haven – Kilchoan Bay

The walk today started a bit later for me as I was moving on from the Camping I had down for the last week. I had to break camp in the wet and try and get the tent dry. After getting wet through before starting to walk did not put me in the best of spirits.


One of the things that caught my eye yesterday was a teashop and gallery by the turning off the main road to Craobh Haven. So I stopped here to restore my soul and well being.

It was a pop up gallery organised by a group of local artists that was running for six weeks. They had a tipee and a workshop where different types of artwork were displayed, felting, wood carving, stone carving, quilting, jewellery and paintings.


There were two ladies running it this morning, Leslie and Fiona who gave me a warm welcome and were very chatty and friendly. I thought it was a lovely way to promote your talent. The coffee and cake was excellent as well.


I pass through Melfort and Fearnach Bay at the head of Loch Melfort. It was considered the ideal spot to manufacture gunpowder because it was secluded and had a deep water pier. Many of the buildings  that were used for the workers and the manufacturing process have now been made into holiday homes and timeshares.


My stay for the next few days was going to be the Youth Hostel at Oban. I was admiring a Harley Davidson motorbike when I arrived and when I checked into my room I noticed that alongside the next bed was a Harley Davidson rucksack. Later when I returned to my room I noticed a senior gentleman with a bushy beard in a kilt was sitting on the bed next to me. I was amused to imagine a Hell’s Angel Scotsman riding around in a kilt. Should keep his tackle from overheating.


I had just missed out on the Highland Games that were on that day in Oban.