Day 151 : Glenelg – Ratagan

As you approach the village of Glenelg there is a tree lined avenue of houses for what used to be forestry workers, playing fields and a community centre. I leave the village by a gate going past the “Barracks”, built to provide light defence after the Jacobean uprising.


Walk Date :                2nd Oct 2015
Mileage :                     17.10 miles                   Total Mileage :          2,368.29 miles
Accommodation :      Cottage, Loch Duich Lodge, Ratagan

I join a road that takes me to the Glenelg ferry which is run during the summer months by the community to Kylerhea on the Isle of Skye. It is one of the last turntable ferries and carries about six cars. At Kylerhea there is a short walk to an Otter Haven with a hive and binoculars to look out for otters.



I take the path from the ferry car park that goes to Totaig by roughly following the coast. In places there are signs saying the “Loch Alsh Way” but with no arrows showing the direction and is not indicated on my map. It might be a new path.


After a mile up the track from the ferry you need to make sure you take the narrower path away from the bridle path that drops downhill to the left and under a pylon.


After this the path is straight forward to follow till you get to Ardintoul Point. I decided to follow the beach that looked simple enough rather than follow the track uphill through the forest. That was a big mistake, my route soon became impassable. I did think about climbing up the rock face, but commonsense prevailed and I backtracked to where I was about an hour before.


I tried following the track through the forest as was shown on my map, but the path was not there. It was a good job I had Viewranger and maps on my phone which gave me my exact location and I was able to find a route out.

Once I got to Totaig it was a case of following the road to Ratagan.