Day 152 : Ratagan – Balmacara

Yesterday I had an unplanned, forced day off. The reason being that I was doing some last minute grocery shopping before the store closed on a Sunday. In my rush to get into the store I tripped over the curb in the car park which sent me sprawling across the car park.


Walk Date :                29th Sep 2015
Mileage :                     13.00 miles                   Total Mileage :          2,381.29 miles
Accommodation :      Cottage, Loch Duich Lodge, Ratagan

The upshot of all this is that my knee had swollen up like a balloon. I had taken Ibuprofen overnight but the knee was still quite painful. Anyway today with a knee support and still taking the pills I set out walking.


I was glad that the going would be fairly flat  with a lot of it along the roadside.

Ratagan is a very tranquil and peaceful place overlooking Loch Duich with great views of the “Five Sisters of Kintail” mountains.


I join the main road that takes you to the Isle of Skye. Walking past the Kintail Lodge Hotel I notice a small building, not much bigger than a double garage, in the car park. It said on it the “Wee Bunkhouse”, I think there is also another bunkhouse at the rear of the hotel.


The family join me at Dornie with its world famous castle Eilean Donan, who’s picture has appeared on many biscuit tins and chocolates. The castle is well worth a visit if you can avoid the tourists who make a quick photo stop before continuing on their journey.


The family walk with me, we pass through a little village of Ardelve where there was a little bakery run by a german family.  The bakery was like a big shed at the back of the house where there was a lovely selection of homemade breads which I can highly recommend.