Day 140 : Glenborrodale – Kilchoan

I am totally enchanted by the Ardnamurchan peninsular just like I was 40 years ago when I came for the first time. The roads look better than they did back then. Good tarmac surface with plenty of passing places instead of pot holes and grass growing down the middle of the road. Perhaps they have had European grants to improve the roads.


I set off walking along the road from a car park about a mile west of the Glenborrodale where there was a path that went above me into the Nature Reserve. I pass another small picturesque place called Glenmore Bay with some holiday cottages to let. One place I did notice was the Nadurra Centre which houses an exhibition in what they call a “living building” about the flora and wildlife in the area.

Another little hamlet I passed through is Glenbeg which opened the Ardnamurchen Distillery last year. I stop where a few people have pulled in off the road overlooking Camus nan Geall or the “Bay of Pledges”. They are on the lookout for a Sea eagle which had been spotted earlier.


I walk inland up the road until I find the path that climbs over Ben Haint. It is not a high mountain but the biggest on Ardnamurchan. From the top you get gteat views south and westwards of Kilchoan and the Isle of Mull. To the north you can see the isles of Rhum, Eigg, Muck and Sky.


I also see a herd of deer running across the moor and into the woods but I am too slow getting my camera out, they were also probably too far away to get a decent shot. As I drop down towards Mingarry I meet a man going up the mountain to feed a female deer. He said the deer had been coming right down to his front door to feed, but had recently stopped coming. He suspected she was pregnant or had given birth.


I arrive at the main village of Kilchoan with a string of crofters and fishermen’s cottages strung around the bay. I go and take a look at the Ferry Terminal which is just a jetty where the ferry takes you to the picturesque town of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull.