Day 141 : Kilchoan – Achnaha

It seems to have taken me ages to get here but today I reach the most westerly point on mainland Britain. Its time to leave Kilchoan and make my way to Arrdnamurchan Point and the Lighthouse which is about six miles away.


For the last few hundred yards the single track road is traffic controlled as the road curls round and clings to rocks before emerging at the lighthouse. The lighthouse is actually built from pinkish granite which came from the Isle of Erraid off of the Isle of Mull. They say that the lighthouse is built to an Egyptian style.

The lighthouse has tours and an exhibition. There is also a café with an old fashioned heating range in one of the rooms. It was here that a dog decided I would be his best buddy to play with. Everywhere I throw his stick he always seemed to find it. He even waited for me by the door of the café whilst I was inside.


I eventually leave the lighthouse and dog and bid him a sad farewell only to be greeted a mile further on by a couple of pigs that come pounding across their pen to me as I was trying get through a gate onto a footpath. One was squeaky and one was grunty. I made it clear that I was not prepared to share my lunch with them, they needed to go on a diet, I was working up my own appetite.


I follow a sort of path to Portuark where I meet a lady from Bradford in West Yorkshire which is the same place as my wife comes from. She used to be a teacher and taught at the old Tong Comprehensive School which was just across the field from where my wife lived. It’s a small world isn’t it.


I was looking forward to reaching Sanna Bay. On our holiday 40 years ago this one of our favourite places to come. It has the most beautiful beach with hardly anyone on it. Don’t expect our touristy attractions when you get there because there is none.