Day 142 : Achnaha – Ockle

I start from Achnaha today which is on the road back to Kilchoan from Sanna Bay. Just below Achnaha is a track that takes me towards the northern coast of the Ardnamuchan peninsular. Apparently the village is the centre of an extinct volcanic crater. I did think that the rocky landscape had a lunar quality about it.


I drop down to Fascadale with its sheltered bay and about three scattered houses. I continue along the road to Achateny and Branault, most of the area is part of the Ardnamurchan Estate.

Again I an reminiscing about our holiday here at Kilmory about 40 years. The family stayed in two dilapidated caravans. I tried to find the spot where the caravans were which are now well gone.


I remember that the owners farmhouse did not have Mains power, they had a generator in the shed next door. I think the farmer’s car had never had an MOT in its life, the wings were full of holes. The farmhouse is now a ruin with no roof.


I come to Swordle Bay, where there are cairns close by which mark burial grounds. In 2011 they found a Viking boat buried with a warrior. He must have been important to have been buried with his boat.


I finally reach Ockle after a very nostalgic day. Time for me to go and put my feet up.