Day 143 : Ockle – Acharacle

I leave Ockle by a bridlepath that goes up past some holiday cottages. I carry straight on through a gate and past a bungalow out onto some wild moorland. The path continues through rocky out crops with stunning views of the Isles of Eigg, Rhum and Skye.


Walk Date :                26th Sep 2015
Mileage :                     10.20 miles                   Total Mileage :          2,302.69 miles
Accommodation :      Bunkhouse, Ariundle, Strontian

I continue to a sign for Gortenfern. The beach at Gortenfern is known as “Singing Sands”. The reason being is that the sand grains are perfectly round and contain silica. When the grains rub together they give off a humming frequency.


After this the route becomes a path working its way over mountain becks and through grass and ferns. As I descended from the highest point the going was quite boggy. At one point my foot sank more than expected and I nearly lost a boot.  I join another path which becomes a bridlepath through a wooded section to Kentra Bay.


The area around Gortenfern was used for military training during the second world war. It was not until I nearly got to Kentra Bay that I came across a sign warning me about being careful because of Unexploded Munitions.


Over the last few weeks I have spent many hours walking on single track roads. There are two things I have occasionally noticed. Firstly, you need to make eye contact with drivers coming towards you as many of them are on auto pilot and do not register that you are there. Secondly, if there are a convoy of drivers coming towards you it is more than likely the second or third driver has not seen you as they are just fixated on the car in front.

That’s my moaning out of the way. Most of the motorists drive safely, are courteous and give way. It must be the Scottish scenery that brings out the best in people.


From Kentra Bay I stay on the road as I walk to Acharacle, Where I take a few pictures by the River Shiel and finish for the day.