Day 179 : North Shields – Seaham

My first stop was at Littlehaven Beach where there were some diddy sculptures laid out almost like a giant chessboard. The public artwork was called “Conversation” by a Spanish sculptor. I didn’t find them very talkative, but there again I am used to talking to myself.


Walk Date :                9th Nov 2015
Mileage :                     16.20 miles                   Total Mileage :          2,815.69 miles
Accommodation :      West View, Reeth

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Day 178 : Blythe – North Shields

Today I start at Blythe with its steep industrial heritage in shipbuilding and coal mining and finish on the banks of the River Tyne at North Shields. Although these industries have now gone the port is thriving, involved in renewable energy.


Walk Date :                8th Nov 2015
Mileage :                     16.70 miles                   Total Mileage :          2, 799.49 miles
Accommodation :      West View, Reeth

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Day 177 : Hadston – Blythe

I didn’t dwell for long in Hadston and quickly continued on to coast for my walk. I continue around Drudridge Bay with its sandy beaches and sand dunes until I got to Cresswell, the start or finish of the Northumberland Coastal Path.


Walk Date :                7th Nov 2015
Mileage :                     17.30 miles                   Total Mileage :          2, 782.79 miles
Accommodation :      YHA, Berwick-on-Tweed

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Day 176 : Alnmouth – Hadston

The pretty village of Alnmouth looks quaint with its colourful cottages and when the tide is out the great expanse of beach. The port was important for handling grain but after a violent storm in the 18oo’s the course of the river was changed isolating the graneries.


Walk Date :                6th Nov 2015
Mileage :                     13.50 miles                   Total Mileage :          2, 765.49 miles
Accommodation :      YHA, Berwick-on-Tweed

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Day 175 : Beadnell – Alnmouth

Beadnell is another fine Northumbrian coastal village with sandy beaches and a harbour. The sheltered bays are popular for water sports. Near the harbour are some lime-kilns which were used for curing herrings.


Walk Date :                5th Nov 2015
Mileage :                     15.50 miles                   Total Mileage :          2, 751.99 miles
Accommodation :      YHA, Berwick-on-Tweed

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Day 174 : Belford – Beadnell

I am back at Belford to start today’s walk. The main A1 trunk road now pass es the village but at one time it was a coaching stop on the Great North Road. I leave Belford along a muddy path to the A1. I have to be keep my wits about me as I cross this fast stretch of road.


Walk Date :                4th Nov 2015
Mileage :                     12.30 miles                   Total Mileage :          2, 736.49 miles
Accommodation :      YHA, Berwick-on-Tweed

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Day 173 : Berwick-on-Tweed – Belford

I was never quite sure whether Berwick was in Scotland or England for it has changed hands several times in its history. The border is actually a couple of miles north of the town. The walled town lies on the north side of the River Tweed and has three bridges over the river. The impressive railway viaduct, an old stone bridge that now carries traffic one way from north to south and the newer bridge that carries the main traffic through the town.


Walk Date :                3rd Nov 2015
Mileage :                     18.60 miles                   Total Mileage :          2, 724.19 miles
Accommodation :      YHA, Berwick-on-Tweed

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Day 172 : Coldingham – Berwick-on-Tweed

Today starts as a bright cold day as I get the early bus out to Coldingham. The village grew around an Abbey that was built and was later destroyed by fire. Later on a Benedictine Priory was built of which you can still see some remains.


Walk Date :                2nd Nov 2015
Mileage :                     21.00 miles                   Total Mileage :          2, 705.59 miles
Accommodation :      YHA, Berwick-on-Tweed

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Day 094 : Burgh-by-Sands – Gretna Green

This is another day I have been looking forward to, crossing the border into Scotland. The downside was that I could see that there would be quite a bit of road walking near busy roads and motorway.


I have been staying at a Bunkhouse at Boustead Hill called Hillside Farm run by a lovely lady called Sandra Judd. I enjoyed my stay there for several nights and Sandra has very helpful.

Today I start by the Greyhound Inn where I have had a couple of meals and a pint in the evenings. I enjoyed the food and beer which is very good.

Just next to the pub is a statue of Edward I who died here on his way up for another tussle with the Scots.

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